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What is Basal Body Temperature? & What is BBT?

If you are trying to get pregnant, then it is necessary to know your ovulation cycle so that you can plan your sex schedule according to it. One of the reliable way to find it is ovulation predictor kits which tip-off before ovulating. Many women use it to find the ovulation day. Nevertheless, basal body temperature (BBT) is the most effective way to know your ovulation cycle, and you can do it by merely charting the BBT and observing the cervical mucus (CM).

Basal Body Temperature is the lowest body temperature attained in a day at rest. In general, your basal body temperature will decrease slightly day before ovulation, and it shifts up by at least 0.4-1.0 degree during ovulation. So the BBT temperature remains higher then you know that ovulation occurred on that day. This way is natural and also give you a chart of your ovulation cycle for free.

What Is Basal Body Temperature?

Basal Body TemperatureAs I said, Basal body temperature or BBT is the lowest body temperature attained by a body in a 24 hour period. To measure it you can use a BBT thermometer and note the temperature in every morning at the same time. This type of thermometer note down the change in temperature and comes with a chart to record it each day. In most of the women BBT will possibly range from 97.2-97.7 degrees Fahrenheit before ovulation; but on the day of ovulation, the temperature may increase continuously by about 0.4-1.0 degrees even after 3-4 days. It happens due to the hormonal changes in the body and may persist until your next menstrual period.
The BBT only gives you an idea about when you have ovulated. Maybe the first-month record may not be useful, but after few months of BBT record, you will eventually find the pattern of your cycle and evolution day. Even it is advantageous for predicting your next period, and you can plan for sex completely.

How to Take My Basal Body Temperature?

  1.  The Factors Affecting the Accuracy of BBT

Some factors cause changes in temperature of the body and affect the accuracy of basal body temperature. These factors include:Basal Body Temperature

  • Emotional distress
  • Disturbed sleep or lack of sleep
  • Smoking
  • Sleeping with an electric blanket
  • Use of painkillers
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Not using the right equipment to measure BBT (we recommend a finer scale basal thermometer)
  • Exhaustion or illness

All the above mention are some of the factors that affect the BBT and lead to inaccurate temperature recording. To find the affecting causes, you have to note down these factors in your chart. Note that it will take 3-9 months to determine your ovulation cycle accurately. In case if you have any issues or irregular menstrual cycle, visit your doctor. But it is advisable to read and follow the instruction coming with the package before you go to your health care consultant.

2. The Procedure

  • Before you sleep, put a thermometer nearby you in such place so that you don’t have to stand up in the morning to take it because standing up can increase or trigger your body temperature and shows the alteration in the results.Basal Body Temperature
  • The next thing is to maintain consistency in record temperature, for example, the time when you measure the temperature like in the morning 07:30 AM plus or minus 30 minutes. It is advisable to measure your BBT in the morning before you do anything else.
  • You can measure your temperature readings either orally or vaginally. You can choose any of these two, the thing you have to remember is to do not change anything from time to time.
  • Keep all the things constant. Stick to only one method and one time of taking your temperature. If you have a habit of sleeping with your mouth open, pick a vaginal method.

Here are the instructions for your thermometer. Follow it to make sure to get the best results:

  • If you are using a mercury thermometer, then you will get enough time to note down the correct reading. But in case of you are not using the mercury thermometer then it is preferable to shake at night instead of a morning when you woke up.
  • Note down each
  • Some of the BBT thermometers come with inbuilt memory to save the reading of temperature, but at last, it is a machine, so it is advisable to note it down manually.

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3. Fill in a BBT Chart

Basal Body Temperature

Basal body temperature chart is significant, and you can take it from your gynecologist or obstetrician. Fill your BBT chart regularly and accurately. Put a pen and paper nearby your mattress o bed and record the temperature which should be within one-eighth of a degree each day. With the day passing, you will find a pattern, and as a result, you will find the day of ovulation. The pattern may vary from woman to woman. In some women, the temperature rises gradually while for some women BBT rises all of a sudden. Even it can cause also change from cycle to cycle.

How to Know When I’m Ovulating by My Basal Body Temperature?

When ovulation occurs, it changes in hormones and its level in the body and causes a slight increase in basal body temperature. Even it can stay until the next period in some cases. Even for some women the temperature increases and stays more than three days. So the temperature period may change, and it does not mean that you have probably ovulated. The rise in temperature should be of approx. 0.2 degrees compared to the last six days. Before the temperature rises, you will be most fertile on these days. These are the best day to plan for sex to get pregnant Faster. The initial month of mapping your BBT may not be accurate, but after several months that is after 3-6 month, you will find a correct pattern of your cycle. Also, if you become pregnant, your BBT elevated all through the pregnancy.

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Additional Facts About the Basal Body Temperature Chart

It is necessary to note that the mapping charts not as easy as using ovulation predictor kits – OPKs to predict the ovulation day. It may be stressful thinking you have to find the most likely day to get successful conception. You have to be regular to note the temperature. So you have to wake up at the same time daily. This method may also be used to prevent and must be followed until you get accurate charting. In 99% of cases, it is effective to prevent conception.


It is all about Basal Body Temperature. We hope it is a useful guide for you. Note that we write this article for information purpose only. So before you try anything, take advice from your doctor. Thank you!

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