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Best Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Homemade Pregnancy Tests
Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Homemade pregnancy tests have been there since times when scientifically advanced medical pregnancy kits were not invented. They have helped women predict if they’re pregnant since time immemorial and are an effective and reliable way to be sure.

They can also be used when you are short on budget, want to keep your pregnancy discreet, and you can’t leave your kids to go to the medical store. Homemade medical tests are a sure shot way as a first step to check if you’re pregnant and then you can take next steps accordingly. They are also an effective way to check in case of unplanned pregnancy. check before check pregnancy : Signs that you might be pregnant.

Do Homemade Pregnancy Tests Work?

While homemade pregnancy tests are most reliable, they are not always perfectly accurate. You should not depend on them totally and seek professional medical help like an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy. To be truly satisfied you should use a number of tests.

Homemade Pregnancy Tests

What to do before using a Homemade Pregnancy Test?

To get the most accurate result, use the test about a week after your missed periods. Try to do it first thing in the morning as your urine will have the highest concentration of hCG ( human chorionic gonadotropin) in the morning. Drink lots of water before your first urine. You should feel the urge to urinate, and your bladder must be full. calculate your pregnancy Test Calculator.

The best Homemade Pregnancy tests:

Following are the various tests you can use to check if you are pregnant or not and can help you in decide next course of action.
1. Sugar Test
2. Toothpaste Test
3. Bleach Test
4. Vinegar Test
5. Baking Soda Test
6. Dandelion leaves Test
7. Tuna and Vinegar Test

Sugar Test:

Sugar test is the most easily available test to check your pregnancy, and it has been used since ancient times by medical practitioners to confirm the same. It’s also one of the easiest tests you can perform yourself. The hCG does not allow sugar to dissolve in urine.

● Take 1 Tablespoon sugar and pour it into a bowl
● Take 1 Tablespoon of your first urine in the morning and pour it into the bowl
● Mix them

Positive test: Sugar forms lumps showing that you may be pregnant
Negative test: Sugar dissolves completely showing that you may not be pregnant

Toothpaste Test:

Another thing which can be found in every household is toothpaste. You just have to make sure the toothpaste is white in color, and you’re good to go. It does not matter what the ingredients are until the color is white.

● Take 2 Tablespoons of a white toothpaste in a clean container
● Take 1 tablespoon of your urine and put it into the container
● Wait for 10 minutes

Positive test: The paste starts to turn blue or becomes frothy
Negative test: No reaction occurs which means you are not pregnant

Bleach test:

Bleach is another product which is found in the laundry room of many common households. But, you have to take necessary safety precautions as bleach is a potentially hazardous chemical.

● Take your urine in a clean cup. (Try to get at least half a cup of fresh urine)
● Pour a tablespoon of bleach in it.
● Mix it properly avoiding lumps.

Positive test: The mixture starts bubbling up, and there is foaming
Negative test: There is no reaction or very little foaming

Vinegar test:

White Vinegar can be found in the kitchen of almost every household, and it can also be used as a DIY pregnancy test. Just make sure to use a plastic container for this test.

● Pour half a cup urine into a clean plastic container
● Add ½ cup of distilled white vinegar in it
● Let the mixture stand for 3-5 minutes. (you may notice bubble formation)

Positive test: Vinegar changes its color
Negative test: No change in color is observed proving you are not pregnant

Baking soda test:

This is another homemade test to confirm pregnancy. Here’s how you can use baking soda.

● Add 2 tablespoons of baking soda powder in a clean container
● Mix half cup of your urine in it

Positive test: The mixture fizzes like it happens when you pop a soda can showing that you’re pregnant
Negative test: No fizzing occurs

Dandelion leaves test:

The cute and adorable dandelion flowers found in your backyard can also be an effective tool and help you in perilous times. The dandelion leaves are considered to be highly accurate in determining whether a human is growing inside you or not.

● Collect about 4 dandelion leaves and place them In a clean container
● Collect your urine in a separate container
● Pour some of the urine on dandelion leaves
● Make sure to wet the leaves completely
● Wait for 5-10 minutes

Positive test: Red spots or red blisters appear on the leaves indicating pregnancy
Negative test: No red spots or red blisters appear on the leaves indicating no pregnancy

Tuna and Vinegar Test:

tuna juice and vinegar found in the kitchen also can be a great tool to determine pregnancy. Follow the steps carefully.

● Take 2 tablespoons of vinegar and put it in a container.
● Take equal amount of tuna juice and mix it with the vinegar thoroughly
● Take ½ cup of urine and mix it with the solution in the container previously used
● Observe for some time

Positive test: if the color of the solution turns green, you are pregnant
Negative test: If the color of the solution turns yellow, you aren’t pregnant


Homemade pregnancy tests are an easy, safe and secure way to check if a baby is growing inside you. They have been around for centuries and are a quick, inexpensive and reliable way to see if you’re expecting or not. Many household items like sugar, baking soda, vinegar, and bleach are found to react with hCG and show various results to confirm pregnancy.
However, no homemade or even over-the-counter pregnancy tests are 100% reliable. Therefore, even if you get negative test results, you might still be pregnant and vice versa. You should follow up with your gynecologist to be sure and start your prenatal care.

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