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Fertility Foods For Getting Pregnant

Daily Diet plays a vital role in pregnancy and fertility, and hence we are here with most recommended fertility foods for women who are trying to conceive. According to American Pregnancy Association, an NPO engaged in supporting activities which improve conceptive health says that if you are attempting to increased fertility and normal ovulation, then it is recommended to make changes in dietary plans around 3 to 12 months before you start trying attempts so that fertility causing foods can work.

There is nothing to worry if you are already trying to conceive, as you can also change your dietary plan from now for a healthy pregnancy. So read the article and find the list of most recommended fertility foods for your future pregnancy.

fertility foods

Fertility foods for getting pregnant

  1. Folic Acid

    Folic acid or folate is water-soluble forms of vitamin B9 and naturally found in the foods we eat. Folic acid is the human-made source, and Folate occurs naturally. It is vital for cell growth and division and is required a lot especially during pregnancy. Therefore a woman who is trying to pregnant must include the approx. 500mg folic acid in the diet around a year ago to have the pregnancy. Even the need for a folic acid increase to double during pregnancy so at time of your pregnancy, take at least 800mg of folic acid during pregnancy. The sufficient amount of intake of folic acid ensures less chance of congenital disabilities in a baby with a healthy pregnancy.

  2. Proteins

    Form the studies it reveals that the rate of pregnancy is almost double for couples who have low carb and a high protein diet compared to those couples who take low protein and high carb diet. The reason behind this result is an amount of high protein that ensures a better fertility foods egg quality. So if you are planning to add protein to your diet then make sure you add high-quality proteins with all types of amino acids. Egg whites, fish, Beans poultry, and legumes are rich sources of high-quality proteins.

  3. Omega-3

    For a healthy baby, Omega-3s are essential. Therefore you should intake plenty of healthy fats during pregnancy. Not only at the time of pregnancy but before you trying to conceive, take these healthy fats as they are responsible for the right functioning of your hormones. You must try to ensure 1000-2000 mg of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources available of omega 3. 2 ounces of fish or 6 teaspoons of walnuts, Chia seeds, or flaxseeds in your diet plan can fulfill the daily supplement of omega 3.

  4. Dairy products

    Dairy products like butter, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. have fats, calcium, and proteins. All these nutrition make sure that your body is prepared for a baby and also improve your health at the time of pregnancy. According to a study, using full-fat milk can reduce the chances of infertility. So if you are trying to conceive, instead of skim milk drink little low-fat or full-fat milk.

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  5. Iron

    Iron is must be needed for human body and also essential for improving quality of eggs in women. So include some iron in your diet plan. Salmon. Red meat, chicken, etc. have iron in the form of heme iron which can be absorbed by your body easily. Note that with iron intake, also add food vitamin C as it helps you in absorbing iron.

  6. Colorful Veggies

    Everyone knows vegetables are a source of many nutrients which is needed for healthy living. The different color represents the nutrients present in it. For example, red or green vegetables have vitamin C, dark green vegetables contain plenty of vitamin B6, and it helps to regulate hormones.

  7. Lentils and Other Beans

    In all food the second highest source of folic acid and iron is lentils. A full cup of lentils fulfills entire day’s requirement of folic acid. Pinto and Garbanzo beans also contain a high amount of iron and folic acid, and the good part is with all these beans you can make different dishes.

  8. Cold Water Fish

    Fish is a great source of fatty acids, and fatty acid is responsible for a many of essential functions in our body, like inflammation reduction, menstrual cycle’s regulation, and hormone production. So eat cold water fishes like cod, salmon, wild Alaskan salmon, and Alaskan halibut. Do not eat deep-water fishes, as it contains mercury concentration in quantity and yes mercury is harmful.


fertility foods

Foods to Avoid for Fertility

Fertility can be affected badly by the consumption of certain foods as well, and it is best to stay away from these type of food. So let’s take a look at what not to eat when trying to get pregnant.

Foods to avoid when trying to get pregnant

  1. Sugar and Bottled Juice

    Avoid bottled juices, and sugary food items as the higher amount of sugar can affect the hormonal as well immune system adversely. You can replace these food items with maple syrup and honey.

  2. Caffeine

    When it comes to fertility, say no to caffeine at all cost. Research says that higher caffeine consumption disrupts the process of ovulation and is also responsible for miscarriages. So it is beneficial to stay away from if you want to increase your fertility and trying to conceive fast.

  3. Soy Foods

    Soy foods are rich in protein but tend to affect the hormone system adversely, so it is recommended to do not eat soy foods in processed form, like soy milk, soy meats, soy chips, and soy burgers, etc. should not be consumed by both partners when trying to get pregnant.

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  4. GMO- Genetically Modified Foods

    GMO is responsible for the decreasing sperm counts in men. Thus, start avoiding GMO foods if you want to increase your fertility.

  5. Fat-Free Foods

    Fat-free foods are not suitable for increasing fertility although it is good for health. The reason behind it is the fat is necessary for the production of hormones and hormones are essential for fertility. So it is better to choose fatty fertility foods instead of fat-free to increase your fertility.

It is all about fertility foods and  foods to avoid while you are trying to pregnant. We hope it is useful you. This article is written for information purpose only. Before starting or avoiding any food consult your physician first, thank you!

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