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Fetal Heart Rate And Baby Gender: How It Relates To Each Other

If you are expecting a baby that is if you are pregnant, then you must know the stories of connection between fetal heart rate and gender. It is always fun to try and predict whether your baby might be a girl or a boy. It is true that ultrasound is comparatively more reliable than the baby heartbeat, but some moms also declare the gender of the by this technique.

In this article, we will show you the relationship between the fetal heart rate during pregnancy and the gender of your baby, or how do fetal heart rate and baby gender relate. In other words, we will try to predict whether it’s a boy or girl.

Is Fetal Heart Rate and Baby Gender-Related?

Fetal Heart Rate

According to research and studies, there is no relation between the gender and the baby heartbeat of a fetus. The fetal heart rate gender changes over a period of pregnancy. At a beginning that in the first nine weeks and then speeds up in the second three months and then it slightly decrease until your baby take birth.

But the fun part it even if the relieves that medically it does not decide the gender of a baby by fetal heart rate , many moms try and guess with this old technique. The reason for its popularity is in the old days there no such technology of ultrasound machines that know you the gender of a baby. Even, the gender determination Invasive testing like amniocentesis was rare or absent. So the only way which remains is fetal heart rate for determination of gender for the elder women of society to guess if a baby will be a girl or a boy. Let’s take a look on how it works:

Girl Gender:

It said that if baby’s fetal heart rate is over 140 beats per minute, then the baby’s gender is a girl so you will be blessed with a baby girl. Female heart rates tend to run close to 200 beats per minute at the beginning of pregnancy and before the 10th week. In the second trimester or three months, heart rates for both females and males can vary considerably. During labor, the female fetal heart rates run higher, and it is the only time that analyst have seen it happen.

Boy Gender:

It said that if the heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute, then the baby’s gender is male that is a boy. Before ten weeks of pregnancy, boys heart rate tends to run nearby 170 beats per minute with the same changes mid-pregnancy as girls. During labor, the boy’s heart rate does not show to change, and at this particular time, it shows a marked difference between females.

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Other Stories about Determining Gender

Fetal heart rate is not the only way to predict the baby’s gender. Over the years many methods have been tried as well as tested. And we have included most of the famous method below. So take a look:

  1. Chinese Birth Chart

One of the most popularly used home methods for finding the gender of a baby is Chinese Birth Chart. Some mothers declared the gender by it and said that it is approx. 93% accurate. This method comes into practice around 700 years ago, and it uses a lunar (moon cycle), date of birth of mom and the date of conception. From the time you find out you are expecting a baby, you can use it, and you can also compare to ultrasound results of around the 20th week. So to use it keep an accurate record of your dates like date of conception (if you remember), last period, etc.

You can predict from the link given below:

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  1. Carrying Baby High or Low

If you are carrying your baby low in the pelvis or high in the abdomen, then look at this simplified method. It is said that the gender is most likely a girl if your belly is up high and round like a ball. If your baby bump is pointed and low down in the pelvic area, then it might be a boy.

  1. Wedding Ring Pendulum

Another old test which also shows in some movies for gender is using the wedding ring of mom. Take a wedding ring of mom and hold it with the string. Now hang it over the mom’s belly. If the ring motions in a straight line then it is a girl, and if it goes in a circle, then it is a boy. However this test is not accurate as fetal heart rate and gender, but some people say it works.

  1. Morning Sickness and Moodiness

Some said that if you are carrying a girl gender baby, then you have more morning sickness and moodiness. It believed that when you are having a baby girl, you have extra estrogen on board. Nonetheless, some moms with boy gender baby also have worst morning sickness and more moody behavior.

  1. Protein and Other Foods

The old wives said that if a pregnant lady craving and eating more protein, it may show the baby she carrying is a boy. Desire foods with salt may also signal a boy. Women also said that with a girl baby they desire sweets more.

  1. Urine Test

Some say you can add one teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of pee and check the mixture for bubbles. If the mixture does not froth, then you might have a girl. If the mixture bubbles then you may be carrying a boy. Some stories state to use bleach, but we do not recommend it as it diffuses noxious fumes which contain ammonia in your urine.

  1. Increased Headaches

Headaches are a common symptom of pregnancy; women feel it more in the second three month period. Stories state that if a woman is having more headaches beyond the usual, then she may be carrying a boy.

  1. Cold Feet

Cold feet and hands also give a clue about your baby’s gender. Old wives tales said that extreme cold feet and hands mean it is a boy and normal or warmer temperature of your feet and hands means it is a girl. Note that if you are getting blue color with the change in temperature, you must consult your doctor first.

  1. Skin Tones

The tone of your skin also predicts about your baby’s gender. Boys may increase your radiant glow, and girl baby may take the shine out of your skin. But some say they have experienced the opposite also that is girl babies make the skin radiant whereas the boy babies took the glow from their skin.

  1. Clumsiness

The relaxin hormone loosens the joints during pregnancy and makes you less graceful for sure. Some say that if this is much proclaimed, then you are having a boy. If you are clumsy outside of pregnancy and develop the grace of a ballet dancer, you may be having a girl.


It is all about how do fetal heart rate and baby gender relate and another method to predict the gender of the baby before birth. Note that the only accurate method is ultrasound in determining baby gender. Other than that all the above are guessing fun.

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