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How to Get Pregnant Fast?

get pregnant fast

When one decides to start a family, then they become excited and hardly stand to wait. In the end, you are trying to conceive, and it is the mercy of nature. But sometimes you don’t know that your regular activity makes your pregnancy late. So there are some things that you may know that will help you to get pregnant fast & best position to get pregnant and effectively will covered. And to help you in it, we listed some methods which are also recommended by experts for helping people get pregnant fast.

How to Get Pregnant Fast

If you are looking for effective options to know how to get pregnant fast, then you can take the following topic as a reference.

1. Get a Preconception Checkup

It is beneficial to start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid before you start striving to conceive. This supplements can help you to protect against congenital disabilities. Before you start taking it, consult your doctor first and assure that you do not have any undisclosed health issues that could affect the ability of you to get pregnant fast and stock up on the vitamins you might need for a good and healthy pregnancy.

2. Know When You Ovulate

To know when you ovulate that is when an egg released from your ovary, will help you conclude when you have higher chances to get pregnant. There are various methods to prognosticate ovulation so you can decide when to have sex with your partner instead of proceeding to try without being assured if an egg is available to be fertilized. You may need to consult with a doctor if you have irregular periods, as it will make prognosticating ovulation difficult.

3. Have Sex at the Right Time

Once you know your ovulation schedule, then you can plan your sex schedule on the most fertile days that is three days before through the day of your ovulation. Make a note that keeps a range of days for having sex so that sperm can last in your body for up to 4-5 days and as a result, it will increase your chance to getting pregnant faster.

If you are not sure of your fertile days, then have a sex every alternate day to make sure that there will be a good quantity of healthy sperm available in your body at a time of ovulation. Also, ensure that your partner has eject semen from the body at the moment of sexual climax before at least once before you start trying for sex to make sure there is not an accumulation of dead sperm.

4. Sex in the Correct Way

All positions are best to make you pregnant there is a myth about sex position that some position can make you pregnant faster, but there is nothing like that. the scientific reason or truth of having sex in an upright position may restrict the sperm’s ability to move upstream. However, it is quite least.
Rest and lie down after sex

After having sex lie down for 10-15 minutes and also do not go to the bathroom. By this way, the sperm gets into the cervix. Not with standing with common myths, you don’t need to keep your feet in the air during 10-15 minutes period.

Do not overdo it

Have sex at alternative day give your body a supply of healthy sperm. Having sex too frequently will exhaust a man’s sperm count. Ultimately if the woman is not ovulating then having regular sex will not increase the possibilities of getting pregnant and you can also  try Homemade Pregnancy Tests.

5. Quit Unhealthy Habits

get pregnant fast

Daily exercising to maintain weight and figure is healthy, but if you do it too much, then it can also become one of the reasons of to not ovulate. To increase the possibilities of getting pregnant, perform a gentle exercise like energetic walking for 2.5 hours/week.

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol. It does not only decrease fertility but also lower your ovulation levels. Even there are various health jeopardies associated with smoking and drinking while pregnant.

The next thing is to cut down or decrease the consumption of hazardous substances like caffeine. Drinking more than two cups of coffee per day can lower the chances of getting pregnant.

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6. Keep a Healthy Diet

get pregnant fast

Maintaining healthy diet and exercise can help you get pregnant faster. Increase the intake of food with zinc, fruits, and vegetables can all increase your chances. Eating green and leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, peas, etc. will increase the supply of folic acid to keep a baby healthy in a womb. For a healthy pregnancy, getting plenty of calcium is also essential. Try to eat a well-balanced diet that covers all food groups including vitamins, lean protein, and dairy products.

7. Get Off Birth Control Pills

Get off the birth control pills before you start seriously trying to conceive as it can take a few months to leave your system. After leaving the pill, you can track your mensuration cycle and find your ovulation time that with ultimately makes easier to conceive later. If you stopped taking the birth control pills but still feels that you are not ready to conceive, then instead of staring the intake of pills uses a barrier method like the condom. It prevents pregnancy until you feel that it is a right time for you.

8. Change Your Lifestyle to Increase Sperm Count

Healthy and strong sperm are much more expected to fertilize an egg. You can ensure that your sperms are healthy by getting enough vitamin D, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid and zinc in your diet. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and recreational drugs that cause sperm to function poorly and reduce sperm counts. Even hot tubs, hot baths, and saunas can also kill of sperms by increasing body temperature.

9. Know When to Get Help

get pregnant fast
Approx 6 out of 10 couples attempting to conceive naturally can do so after approximate three months, particularly if you are old. Those whos age is between 35 to 40 years and has been trying to conceive for 6 months or more than then must need immediate fertility help. Even you find that your partner has a fertility problem then also consult the specialist first.


It is all about how to get pregnant faster. Note that this article is for information purpose only, before trying anything we recommend you to take medical advice first. We hope you find it useful. Thank you for reading!

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