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Top 10 Reasons Why Women Get Negative Pregnancy Result

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Reasons : Why Women Get Negative Pregnancy Result

There is countless number of pregnancy test kits a which are reliable, and many women use these kits to know about their pregnancy. However, these pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate which can be a serious matter if it gives the negative pregnancy test result . Most of the pregnancy test kit available today have 97 – 99 percent of accuracy. While the percent is very high, there is still chance that women can get a false result which might lead them to wonder what has gone wrong.

Other than this, there are other factors which women get a negative pregnancy test. So in this article & other Articles, I will talk 10 reasons why women get negative pregnancy result.

Reasons A Pregnancy Test Could Be Negative

1. Not Pregnant

the most obvious reason why women get negative pregnancy result is simply that they are not pregnant. The urine contains human chorionic gonatrodopinor HCG when a woman is pregnant which is a hormone produced during pregnancy. So if the test strip does not detect hCG, then it shows negative pregnancy result.

The negative result is always a disappointment for a woman who wants to be pregnant, but if you are not expecting to be pregnant in fact you don’t want to be pregnant at all then the negative result is good news.

2. Testing too early

Some women are so overboard that they start testing too early. A pregnant woman should not do the test weeks before the production of HCG hormones which are going to be detected by the strip test in the first place.

Even if a woman is pregnant and she does the too early pregnancy test, then she will get negative results. Timing is everything in a pregnancy test, and women should do the test according to the timing. So, how early can you take a pregnancy test? The right time for checking is usually sixth to the seventh-week mark. A perfect test timing can also let the woman find out the result even before the first day of periods.

3. Miscalculation and irregular Periods

Some women have regular periods which can make them assure whether they are pregnant or not. While there are also other women, who have irregularities with their periods and in case if a pregnant woman, she will keep wondering about the pregnancy test result.

negative pregnancy
Negative Pregnancy Test Images

Since the irregular periods can be the reason for negative pregnancy test result, women who are testing pregnancy should be very careful. If a pregnant woman gets a negative result because of her periods, then she might develop nausea in the coming weeks.

4. Defective Test

Although almost all the over-the-counter pregnancy test kits are government standard which ensures the safety, some products can be defective and can be sold in the market.

Making sure that a product is defective even if the result shows negative pregnancy although her body indicates that she’s pregnant is not 100% because of the product defective.

To ensure a pregnancy test kit is defective or not, women tend to test twice, and if the second test shows a positive result and the first one shows negative, then there could be speculation about the first kit which can be defective.

5. Mediation

Most of the over-the-counter pregnancy kits are made in a way that they accommodate medications. There are pain relievers, cold suppressants, cough syrup and other remedies which are taken by women during the tests.

Some medication cannot be accommodated by the over-the-counter pregnancy kits and can give a false result.

6. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance also has the ability to manipulate a pregnancy result. A negative result when a woman is pregnant, or vice versa can happen with the hormonal imbalance.

Most women are not even aware of  hormonal imbalance until they do the pregnancy test. As women get older the level of hormones changes and hence making your skin drier and eyebrows thinner.

Hormonal imbalance also results in all the symptoms of pregnancy even if the woman is not pregnant in actual. So pregnancy kits can give false results.

7. Infertility

If a woman takes tests after tests and still gets a negative pregnancy test result then it can be because of infertility. Women who never took a pregnancy test before also grant Their bodies ability to conceive and thinks there should not be any problem with negative pregnancy with them.

If a woman cannot get pregnant, then she should consult a doctor and get expertise recommend medications and allow her body to follow another operational method to make her body fertile.

8. Diluted urine

Over-the-counter products are sensitive enough to detect human chorionic gonadotropin in woman’s urine. The amount of HCG level varies in different women.

The highest positive amount HCG can be found in the morning time that is women test their pregnancy in the early morning.

However, when women do drink water, it can result in diluted urine and the absence of HCG hormones. In this case, the pregnancy kit will not detect any HCG and gives a negative result.

Drinking lots of water may be healthy, but if it is to get an accurate pregnancy test, then pregnant women should avoid drinking lots of water 4-5 hrs before doing a pregnancy test.

9. Low HCG levels

Many women are not aware that they are pregnant and even when they get heavy blood bleeding, they think that it’s because of the late starting of the periods.

The heavy bleeding can lead to miscarriage. Almost 25% of women face miscarriage in the early stage of pregnancy.

The miscarriage can result in giving a negative result even when a woman is pregnant.

10. Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopian pregnancy is when the fertilized egg attached itself and starting to develop in the fallopian tube. The uterus is where the fertilized egg should develop.

Ectopic pregnancy needs instant medical treatment and surgery to the extent. This will also not show positive result, but ectopic pregnancy is very hard to detect. Early signs are nausea, light-headed, pain in lower abdomen and fatigue. So if any of these ectopic pregnancy symptoms are noticeable, then a pregnant woman should immediately consult a doctor.

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