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Why Fetal Heartbeat Stop: Possible Reasons

Nowadays miscarriages or fetal heartbeat stop are common sometimes people do it intentionally due to some complications, and sometimes it happens naturally. But in both cases when it happens to you personally, then you may find it how traumatic experience it is emotionally as well as physically. A large number of women are present who face this situation of miscarriage at least once when they are trying to conceive for a baby.

If you are also one of them who already meet this condition or trying to conceive, then you must have to educate yourself with all possible reason of why fetal heartbeat stop. It is essential to know when the different reasons and conditions for miscarriage. Being a mother you are not do anything wrong with your unborn child, and you are not at fault. Nature has its style of taking responsibility for each creature and things when there is something not right with it, and the same thing happens with your baby, too.

Fetal Heartbeat Stop

Why Fetal Heartbeat Stop?

It is likely that on first ultrasound, you see a heartbeat and then in a next ultrasound shows that the heart may stop working. It can happen at different stages of pregnancy, even around the 10-week mark, also. With the help of history of reoccurrence, it is possible to find the reason behind why fetal heartbeat stop, otherwise it is not possible.

In a missed miscarriage or silent miscarriage a baby passes away inside the uterus, but the cervix remains closed. In such cases, there are no bleeding starts, and the fetus remains as it is. You will not find any wrong in this situation, in the beginning, until weeks after baby passed away. But after weeks you will find that there is no growth in fetal or uterine, and you may mark that you no longer have pregnancy symptoms like sore breasts, vomiting, headache, nausea, fatigue, etc. if the placental continues to function, then there are chances that you have some pregnancy symptoms.

After some time with the deterioration of the placenta and fetus; spotting may begin. When you visit a doctor, he/she discover from the ultrasound that the fetus does not have a heartbeat and is tinier than it should with the healthy growth. Another thing to notice is the mother faces cramping or may begin to have bright red bleeding. on ultrasound if the doctor can’t be able to find a visible heartbeat, then it is possible that a miscarriage is about to occur.

In other words, for example, if the mother is 15 weeks pregnant and baby passed away at 13 weeks, then the baby will appear to be 11 weeks in size. Why this happens because with the progression of the pregnancy the baby will start to shrink and from that, the doctor can tell the time when the baby passed away.

What to do next after miscarriage?

When a miscarriage happens at less than 12 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will offer three distinct methods of treatment:

  • Natural miscarriage
  • Medication to induce labor
  • D&C (Dilation and curettage)

If your pregnancy has proceeded and passed 12 weeks, you can do the following treatments:

  • Medication to induce labor
  • D&C (Dilation and curettage)
  • D&E (Dilation and evacuation)

Do not lose hope, keep faith in yourself:

When you hear that your baby passed away and pregnancy may be ending, it is very emotional a traumatic situation for you. You have to accept the loss you have gone through. It takes time to overcome it, and you need the support and time of your partner to heal emotionally and physically. And note that it doesn’t mean that you can’t conceive and pregnant again. With the proper care and medication, it is possible, and it is good news that you can get pregnant again in future!

Possible Causes of Missed Miscarriage

Moms, who experience a “missed miscarriage” or “silent miscarriage” are always questioning, “Why it happens this to her?”

It is needed to understand that important to understand that some situations are not in the human hand and it can happen to anyone at any time. The complicated process of conception needs a perfect time and perfect situation for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. The process of pregnancy happens step by step. First, the egg fertilized with sperm, which has total 46 chromosomes that is 23 from father and 23 from mother.

Together they travel down the tubes, go through cell division process rapidly and then implant into the wall of the uterus. In above process, if anything goes wrong or slightly out of the path the pregnancy may not be able to continue.

Another possible cause for miscarriage is no embryo at all. You can call it a blighted ovum or empty pregnancy sac which begins to go through the rapid cell division and then stop completely. It normally found in first ultrasound where the specialist discovers no fetal heartbeat or an empty sac.

Another reason for the miscarriage is an infection that affected your pregnancy. Some of the influencing infections are herpes, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, and rubella.  So it is essential to have a full medical check-up before you try to conceive. Blood tests can diagnose these infections, and in medical terms, they are known as the TORCH panel. All these infections are treatable and curable so you can have had a healthy pregnancy.

Experiences of Other Moms who gone through fetal heartbeat Stop situation

Case 1: Heartbeat stopped at 19 weeks

“I had not felt my baby’s movement for a while, so I went to the doctor to see what was wrong and doctor conclude that my baby’s heartbeat stopped, and the blood supply cut of due to the cord wrapped around her neck. Even though we knew how my miscarriage happened, it did not make the situation any more natural for my husband and me. It was the toughest situations I have ever had to go through. I wish my baby gets lots of love.”

Case 2: Blood Clotting Disorder

“I had a thoroughly normal and healthy pregnancy, and my baby was also normal. I lost my baby around 16 weeks, and it happens due to blood clots in my placental tissue and my blood clotting disorder. After my baby passed away, I was pregnant again three months after he died. At that time my mother supports me as my mother also lost a baby at 20 weeks, and due to her support, I believe that it is possible to conceive and carry a baby to term after a miscarriage.”

Case 3: Nature’s Way

“I had to realize that my miscarriage was unexpected and in my case nature’s way of taking care went wrong with my first pregnancy. It was not easy at all. In the beginning, three months of pregnancy Miscarriage happens, and when I found that I lost my baby, I  can’t describe what I feel and most importantly I have to listen all the people bombard me with their pieces of advice. Even I am not able to think about “trying again” or “next time.” but with the regular consult and proper medication it is possible to get pregnant, and I gave birth to a baby.”

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It is all about why fetal heartbeat stop. We hope you find this article informative. In case you find any abnormal symptoms then first consult your doctor first. Note that this article is for information purpose only. So before you guess anything to take advice from a doctor first. Thank you for reading!

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